Architectural work

Creation of architectural projects - a complex, multi-step process, which includes concept development, design, production of project documentation, various construction activities, work on the interior design.

Architectural design consists of two main stages. First - is the development of the concept of the building. At this stage, the layout of the site. Then there is the combination of site planning, interior layout, made drawings of floors, including auxiliary, technical and technological facilities, vertical connections between floors, the vertical and horizontal sections of the building (but without accurate calculations), a sketch of the facade (isometry).

The second phase - working out the design of the chosen concept (plans, elevations, sections in full the option selected project). The developed concept of the building, as well as accurately formed specification are tested plans, elevations, sections in full the option selected project.

The result of the design process is an architectural project - the minimum required for the building, for approval in the local administration documentation set.

At the end of the design process is visualization of the project. This is a graphical representation of the architectural object, created either manually or with the help of special computer programs in 3D-graphics. It allows you to make the most sense of the future building.

Another important type of architectural work is the design of a private or public interior. The architect of the project consists of the creation, approval of it (if necessary) in urban instances, selection of building, as well as finishing, assembly of equipment, furniture and light fixtures. In the course of construction, finishes Architect provides supervision to guarantee an exact match of the final interior design of the author's intention.

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