Licenses and Certificates

Construction activities

From the code 45210:
maintenance and construction work, the current and capital repairs of buildings and structures;

From the code 45211:
General construction of buildings, including: the device and installation of bearing structures of buildings and structures up to 2 floors;

From the code 45212:
construction of civil engineering structures, including the construction of industrial engineering; external engineering networks: installation, commissioning, maintenance, process control and operation of networks, systems, components and structures engineering and technical communications and installations of process equipment, inter-site network;

From the code 45230:
roads 3rd and 4th category;

From the code 45250:
Other construction work blagoustroitelnye, assembling products;

From the code 74201:
activities in the field of architecture, engineering and technical activities related to civil engineering, including industrial engineering, design and research activities;

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